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Installer password: "eathaggis"

Stonehaven PC Speaker Control

This ActiveX control allows your application to access the user's PC speaker and send tones through it. Programmers using early versions Microsoft Visual Basic often made regular use of the Beep function to send tones through the PC speaker. However, starting with version 4 of Visual Basic, the Beep function started just calling the system's default wave file tone. You can regain access to the users PC speaker by using this ActiveX control in your application.

Please download the installation of the control from this page. The installation contains the PCSpeaker.ocx control, a supporting PCSpeaker.dll file, a sample application that uses the control and a help file. The installer will create a new folder under Program Files and extract these files to it, and will register the ActiveX component on your system. When redistributing your application, just include the two components together in a folder, possibly the system folder, and register the OCX file.

This ActiveX control is completely free for you to use in your applications. I used to charge a fee for the component, but didn't generate enough revenue to make it worth the effort. So, please, feel free to download and use this tool to your heart's content.

Please be aware that the help file in the installer asks you to "Please purchase the registered version of this control..." However, that text is out of date. You now have the registered version for free... :)

Direct API Declaration

Also... here is another interesting tidbit of information... The core DLL, PCSpeaker.dll, can be called directly from your code without using the PCSpeaker.ocx ActiveX component. The API function declaration to use this file directly looks like this (together with some sample VB.NET code):

Declare Sub MyBeep Lib "pcspeaker.dll" Alias "_SPEAKERTONE@8" (ByRef Frequency As Long, ByRef Duration As Long)
Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
     Dim i As Long
     For i = 1 To 50
            MyBeep(100 * i, 100 + i)
     Next i
End Sub

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PC Speaker ActiveX Control

This component is now completely free for you to use.

The password to unlock the installation is: "eathaggis"

PC Speaker Full Installation

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